Last week, the Obama administration confirmed conservative Hillsdale College was omitted from the Department of Education’s “College Scorecard.” Hillsdale says it’s because they refuse federal funding and don’t report their demographic makeup.

From M Live:

Hillsdale College says refusal to accept federal funds kept it off White House ‘College Scorecard’

HILLSDALE, MI – Hillsdale College is questioning its exemption from the recently released U.S. Department of Education’s “College Scorecard.”

The scorecard, issued on Sept. 12, is a collection of graduate employment and student loan statistics on more than 7,000 colleges and universities nationwide using data from the U.S. Treasury, Internal Revenue Service and USDE.

It does not rate or rank schools, but is designed to help prospective students pick those that offer the best value.

In a story published in The Collegian, Hillsdale College’s student newspaper, Denise Horn, assistant press secretary for the USDE, is quoted saying that Hillsdale College was left off the list because it offers a majority of graduate certificates, not two- or four-year degrees.

In a press release, Hillsdale College says this is false, citing its issuance of four-year bachelor’s and master’s degrees and its non-issuance of certificates of any kind for academic credit.

Hillsdale College contends its exclusion from the scorecard is based on its refusal to accept federal funds and track and report the racial demographics of its students, the release said.

Only schools that participate in the Title IV federal financial aid program and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, which requires institutions to track and report racial demographics, were included in the scorecard, the release said.