The left sees racism everywhere and the New York Times is no different.

Christopher Nowacki of the Cornell Review reports.

NY Times Wants to Reengineer College Lectures Because They’re Racist

This past week, the New York Slimes published an op-ed by Annie Murphy Paul about the inherently discriminatory aspects of the paradigm of the American university lecture experience.

It is passages like this one that really make a white male like myself feel the need to check my privilege:

“Yet a growing body of evidence suggests that the lecture is not generic or neutral, but a specific cultural form that favors some people while discriminating against others, including women, minorities and low-income and first-generation college students. This is not a matter of instructor bias; it is the lecture format itself — when used on its own without other instructional supports — that offers unfair advantages to an already privileged population.”

It’s so relieving, actually, to rest assured that being a white Anglo-Saxon protestant isn’t any longer a crime against humanity. In fact, it is the system itself which is to blame for favoring folks like myself against aforementioned peers. It’s the perfect culprit to this modern obsession of generalized inequity—the problem is not so much the socio-economic disparities amongst student groups, but the ensuing evolution of the academy to fit the demands of the elite.