All that talk about the “law of the land” goes out the window when it comes to laws the left doesn’t like.

Greg Piper reports at the College Fix.

Texas professors plan to flout the law by telling students they can’t carry guns

There’s a move afoot in Texas academia to neuter a recently passed law and keep guns out of as many places on campus as possible.

The “campus carry” legislation was approved by the Legislature earlier this year, and it gives public institutions until the next academic year to decide which areas of campus (if any) will remain gun-free zones.

Professors in the state are already planning in small and large ways how to kneecap the law regardless of what their administrations decide.

One professor at UT-El Paso, already a vocal blogger against the law, simply posted a gun-free zone in his classroom and became an overnight celebrity, The Chronicle of Higher Education reports:

The minute that the governor signed that legislation, I put up my sign outside the door, and then I moved it inside the classroom, because I don’t want guns in my classroom. …

I consider that law, like I said before, one gun too far. Guns belong wherever they belong, but they don’t belong in my classroom — or anybody’s classroom, for that matter.

Good thing David Smith-Soto is not a Christian baker or county clerk, or he might be in trouble. Nope – UT-Austin faculty are circulating a petition in response to his local TV interview, trying to get 100 profs from every UT campus to join with Smith-Soto and stand against Second Amendment rights on campus.