This isn’t too surprising. Ben Carson is a likable guy.

Red Alert Politics reports.

Survey shows college students are for Ben Carson

Along with the rest of the American public, students seem to be embracing the surge of political outsiders vying for the presidency.

According to a survey conducted by online textbook rental company Chegg, retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is the most favorable Republican candidate among college students.

Xavier University student Chris Nuelle said he thinks the fact that Carson values education so much makes him appealing to college students.

“Carson is a self-made man and his success story appeals to the dreamer in aspiring college students,” Nuelle said. “He represents the American dream: rising from nothing to become wildly successful, and I think college students can relate to his story on some level.”

Other students say they like that Carson is a political outsider.

“It has been said over and over in the media, but people truly are tired of politicians,” said East Carolina University student Jessica Thompson. “We want someone who is qualified to lead our nation, but we also want someone who won’t carry political skeletons and hidden agendas into the office with them.”

“Millennials don’t want to hear the same rehearsed politician response to every question,” Nuelle added. “That’s why Trump and Carson are dominating the polls.”

Jacob Meyer, a Waynesburg University student, recognized Carson’s weakness in foreign policy, but believes he has the ability to learn.

“The best thing about Carson is I believe even though it’s a weakness, it won’t be in the future because he cares and will take the steps necessary to better himself in that area,” said Meyer. “That’s a unique skill to have that most people don’t have.”

In fact, some say it’s his mild mannerisms and character that make him likable.