The elimination of speech codes is a good thing. More of this, please.

The FIRE blog reported.

Purdue Calumet Eliminates All of Its Speech Codes, Earns FIRE’s Highest Free Speech Rating

HAMMOND, Ind., September 29, 2015—The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) is pleased to announce that Purdue University Calumet has earned FIRE’s highest, “green light” rating for free speech by eliminating all of its restrictive speech policies. With assistance from FIRE, Purdue Calumet joins an elite group of colleges and universities that have reformed their speech-related policies to comply with First Amendment standards.

In May, Purdue University’s flagship campus in West Lafayette, Indiana, earned FIRE’s green light rating. FIRE then worked with officials at the Calumet campus this month to revise their speech codes as well. The university formerly maintained one “red light” speech code and four additional policies with a “yellow light” rating. Purdue Calumet’s new green light rating reflects its compliance with the First Amendment through its revised policies and regulations.

Azhar Majeed, director of FIRE’s Individual Rights Education Program, collaborated with Robert Ennis, chief of staff and legislative liaison for Purdue Calumet’s Office of the Chancellor, and Abby Daniels, legal services coordinator at Purdue, to revise the university’s policies.

“It was a pleasure working with the Purdue Calumet administration,” said Majeed. “I am thrilled that we were able to so quickly revise Calumet’s speech codes and add the university to the list of exemplary institutions committed to protecting free speech on campus.”