Don’t say this after someone sneezes.

WTVC News Channel 9 reports.

Texas Professor Asks Students To Resist Saying ‘God Bless You’ In Class

From freshman to senior year, college students are handed syllabuses detailing expectations for courses.

“Please refrain from saying, ‘God bless you’ during the classes and exams,” the syllabus states.

Pictures of the college course’s syllabus hit social media soon after the first day of class.

“I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with it,” said Aaron Bravo, a UTRGV student.

Bravo saw the image on social media along with thousands of others, but did not know who first posted it.

“It shouldn’t really be a problem, because it’s the teacher’s classrooms,” said Bravo.

Not everyone agrees, and some students don’t understand why saying “God bless you” is a problem.

“It’s kind of ridiculous, First Amendment, freedom of religion. It’s there. We shouldn’t have to block that out of school,” said Marcos Villarreal, a student at the university.