Some professors can’t even believe that some of their students don’t think like them.

The Liberty Standard reports.

Occidental College Professor Lisa Wade ‘Horrified’ by Conservative Student Group, Calls Economics Majors “anti-social”, More

Lisa Wade is an associate professor of sociology at Occidental College. She is also a writer and editor for the blog Sociological Images.

Professor Wade is very outspoken on many issues, as sociologists tend to be. However, some of her comments are rather disconcerting coming from a professor, and a lot of the things she has written are just factually inaccurate too.

In a June 2015 tweet, Professor Wade shared a link that was critical of the conservative student group Turning Point USA’s literature. The article was from Jezebel, and in typical Jezebel fashion it mixed faulty logic, misquotes, and gutter insults: “The materials were badly written and ahistorical—if selectively so, in the Founding Fathers dick-sucking way often exhibited by the far right—as well as consistently anti-intellectual and unintentionally hilarious.”

On March 25th of this year, she posted an article titled “Are Economics Majors Anti-Social?” The opening paragraph goes as follows: “Yep. Economics majors are more anti-social than non-econ majors. And taking econ classes also makes people more anti-social than they were before. It turns out, there’s quite a bit of research on this, nicely summarized here. Econ majors are less likely to share, less generous to the needy, and more likely to cheat, lie, and steal.”