The old 1 in 5 statistics were disproved but there are new 1 in 5 statistics.

The Washington Post reports.

Survey: More than 1 in 5 female undergrads at top schools suffer sexual attacks

More than 20 percent of female undergraduates at an array of prominent universities said this year that they were victims of sexual assault and misconduct, echoing findings elsewhere, according to one of the largest studies ever of college sexual violence.

The survey from the Association of American Universities drew responses from 150,000 students at 27 schools, including most of the Ivy League. Armed with extensive data on the scope of the problem at their own campuses, leaders of big-name universities said they are mobilizing to confront sexual assault as never before.

Yale University President Peter Salovey said he found “extremely disturbing” results indicating more than one-quarter of undergraduate women at the elite school in New Haven, Conn., were victims of sexual assault and misconduct.

“The prevalence of such behavior runs counter to our most fundamental values,” Salovey said. “It threatens individual students, our learning environment and our sense of community.” Other university leaders, speaking virtually in unison, said the results sounded an alarm that must be answered.

Researchers acknowledged the possibility of an overstated victimization rate because there was evidence that hundreds of thousands of students who ignored the electronic questionnaire were less likely to have suffered an assault.