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UPDATE: UNM student told to remove American flag from dorm window

A student at the University of New Mexico was told to remove an American flag from his dorm room window over the weekend, ostensibly because the school doesn’t want other students to hang Confederate or Nazi flags.

Several students expressed outrage at the policy in interviews with ABC affiliate KOAT Friday after resident advisors told UNM student Bobby Schofield to remove an American flag from his dorm room window. Schofield said he was instructed that he is allowed to hang the flag in his room, but that school policy prohibits room decorations in “public spaces” such as windows and the hallway side of doors.

“UNM didn’t want to start drawing a line between what you can hang in public spaces [and what you can’t], because you can see the flag from my window,” Schofield claims he was told by an RA. “He told me that if someone were to hang, say, the Confederate flag or a Third Reich flag, they didn’t want to have that showing, and so to make it easier on them, they said no flags.”

UNM student Ryan Taylor told KOAT that while he understands the school’s concerns, he doesn’t think a sweeping ban is the appropriate solution.