After Conservative group posters on campus were defaced, a Gettysburg College dean has to remind students to respect other points of view.

From The Blaze:

College Dean Has to Remind Students to ‘Welcome Debate and Discussion’ After Conservative Club’s Posters Are Defaced

After a conservative college organization had their signs defaced with swastikas and curse words, a university official sent a school-wide email to remind students the college welcomes debate and discussion.

Several flyers advertising the Young America’s Foundation student group at Gettysburg College, a private liberal arts school in Pennsylvania, were torn down or defaced with swastikas and curse words, according to images obtained by TheBlaze.

On one flyer, the phrase, “Do you enjoy hugging babies vs killing them?” had the word “babies” scratched out and replaced with “fetuses.” That same flyer had the word “racist” written on it as well as other expletives suck as “f**k [you].” At the bottom of the poster, which was an advertisement for YAF chapter meetings, it said, “BEST PART if you disagree … come for the debates!”