Students are stepping up to the challenge.

USA Today reports.

University of Delaware students take action to improve veteran care

The neglectful treatment of veterans continues to be a pressing national problem. And it seems only to be getting worse.

In 2014, government officials were alleged to have falsified data to hide how long veterans were waiting to see doctors at VA hospitals. Some allegedly died while waiting for the needed care. But the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) scandal did result in change. In fact, The Washington Post reported in June 2015 that the numbers of veterans on a waiting list to be treated has increased 50% since the scandal.

Now, as the presidential election heats up, candidates are using the plight of veteran care as campaign fodder. A week before the second GOP debate, for instance, Donald Trump wrote a letter to CNN asking the network to donate the money earned from advertisements that aired during the debate to a veteran’s charity. CNN reportedly did not respond to Trump’s request.