Yes, this is a real story.

CBS Denver reports.

Buddhist-Inspired University In Boulder Contemplates Killing Prairie Dogs

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – One university’s plans to remove prairie dogs from its campus is drawing sharp criticism. The fact it’s a Buddhist-inspired school only adds to the controversy.

Naropa University in Boulder has been trying to resolve the prairie dog issue on its east campus at 63rd Street and Arapahoe Avenue.

The university says it’s counted 250 prairie dog burrows on its campus. School officials say they’ve spent four years trying to find a new home for the animals. While the city and county of Boulder has set aside 2,000 acres of prairie dog habitat, both say it’s full.

Naropa says it had no choice but to apply for a permit to kill the colony on its campus hoping it would raise awareness. It definitely got peoples’ attention.

Killing prairie dogs in peace-loving Boulder is always a touchy subject.

“The first precept of Buddhism is to not harm another living being,” Deanna Meyer with Wildlands Defense said.

Meyer is leading the charge to save the prairie dogs and insists the county has land where the animals can be relocated even though the county says it doesn’t.

“They’re not going to open up lands unless you really push them to do so, and that hasn’t been done,” Meyer said.