Alas, there is some sanity left in this world.

From the Daily Caller:

Faculty At American University Firmly Reject ‘Trigger Warnings’

A faculty resolution passed at American University (AU) in Washington, D.C., stands out as one of the most vocal and direct condemnations of the “trigger warning” phenomenon sweeping college campuses.

The resolution, passed unanimously by AU’s faculty senate, lays out in no uncertain terms that trigger warnings are wholly incompatible with the intellectual environment a university is supposed to foster.

“For hundreds of years, the pursuit of knowledge has been at the center of university life,” the resolution declares. “Unfettered discourse, no matter how controversial, inconvenient, or uncomfortable, is a condition necessary to that pursuit.”

“As laws and individual sensitivities may seek to restrict, label, warn, or exclude specific content, the academy must stand firm as a place that is open to diverse ideas and free expression,” it continues. “These are standards and principles that American University will not compromise.”