That’s a pretty handsome settlement for a case that ended with no criminal charges.

Christian Britschgi of the College Fix reports.

U. of Oregon paid rape accuser $800,000 and full tuition so it could move on, president says

Time to stop debating this incident and hire loads of bureaucrats

The University of Oregon is paying an alleged victim of sexual assault $800,000 and four years of paid tuition and housing in a settlement to resolve a lawsuit against the school.

It’s the first major test of how new President Michael Schill will handle such allegations, particularly when they involve student athletes.

Though he served as dean of the University of Chicago’s law school before coming to UO, Schill’s expertise is in property law – he co-authored a “casebook” on the subject – so it’s unclear how much attention he will give to due process for accused students.

The January lawsuit by “Jane Doe” alleged the school showed “deliberate indifference” in recruiting transfer student Brandon Austin to UO’s basketball team, despite his being suspended from his previous university for alleged sexual misconduct.

It also personally accused head basketball coach Dana Altman of depriving Doe of educational opportunities by creating a “hostile educational environment” in violation of Title IX. Doe dropped Altman from the suit shortly before the settlement was announced.

No criminal charges, but banned from campus

The dispute centered on a party in March 2014 celebrating a men’s basketball team victory over the University of Arizona.

Doe claimed she was sexually assaulted repeatedly by players Damyean Dotson, Dominic Artis and transfer student Austin first at that house party, and then later that night at the apartment of Artis. Her father notified university police the next day.

The Lane County District Attorney’s office declined to pursue criminal charges for lack of evidence, but all three players were eventually suspended by the university and banned from campus for four to 10 years.