Rand Paul is hoping he can capture the college vote for 2016.

Athena Jones reports at CNN.

Rand Paul aims to woo college students to boost his primary chances

Republican Sen. Rand Paul is hoping college students will give him an edge over his GOP opponents as the presidential primary season heats up.

With Back to School season around the corner, Paul’s campaign is launching an initiative called “300 in 30.” The goal: to encourage college students to launch chapters for Paul supporters on 300 college campuses in the next 30 days. They have produced a video the campaign says is ready-made for college-age supporters to share with their friends and classmates.

“I am thrilled to be launching our Students for Rand initiative,” the senator said in a statement. “We have a robust goal, 300 student chapters across the nation in the next 30 days, and are uniquely positioned to appeal to young voters, which we will heavily engage over the next few months. No candidate will do more to earn support from students than our campaign.”

Paul’s campaign said his emphasis on issues like protecting privacy, curtailing government surveillance and criminal justice has helped make him popular with younger voters. He has been building an audience on Snapchat, the social media message app popular with young people, for more than a year and talked drones and Hillary Clinton in an interview with CNN on the app in January.