Just in case you were looking for a reason to feel old today.

NBC News writes:

Incoming College Freshmen Have Never Licked a Stamp

You used to have to lick stamps to get them to stick?

That’s a question likely to come out of the mouths of students starting college this fall, who have grown up in a world where Splenda has always existed to sweeten their beverages, “South Park” has always been on TV, and any time they’ve needed information, Google was there.

According to the Beloit College “Mindset List,” an annual project that looks at the culture shaping the lives of incoming college freshmen, the majority of students entering college this year were born in 1997. That was the same year the movie “Titanic” was released, Dolly the Sheep was born, and Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris.

When they were born, cell phones existed, but were bulky and expensive — used primarily in cars for emergencies, the list from the Wisconsin school goes on to say.