How is this possible? Dave Huber explains at the College Fix.

Huh? Students who didn’t pass state exit exam for graduation accepted into 4-year colleges

Thousands of students in California are “in limbo” after being notified that they cannot take the California High School Exit Exam to get the needed high school diploma and continue on to college.

That’s because the exam is no longer offered.

“In June, state education officials canceled the final administration of the exam, which had been scheduled for July, while the Legislature considers a measure that would suspend the test as a graduation requirement for at least three years,” reports Campus Circle.

Now, consider:

The move left thousands of students who failed earlier attempts to pass the test in limbo — stripped of their last shot at graduating before the beginning of college classes.

That’s right — colleges have already accepted these students.

More from the article:

Krissia Martinez, 19, who was among the students at the board meeting, pleaded with district officials to give her a diploma or let her take the exam.

Martinez was counting on taking the exam in July along with about 5,000 other students across the state. The high school senior had passed all of her classes and the math portion of the Exit Exam.

She was just six points shy of the 350 required to pass the English portion the last time she took the test, in May. She needed to answer one or two more questions correctly.

About 25 percent of those who take the test in July pass it, according to results from previous years, and Martinez believed she would be among them. She never stopped studying for the exam even as she participated in a summer program for incoming freshmen at San Francisco State, where she was accepted earlier this year.