As an Aggie myself, I’d like to proudly say, “thanks, and gig’em.” Also, BTHO Ivy League!

Paper City Mag writes:

CEO Hotbed: Underhyped Texas College Shocks The Ivy Leaguers, Ties For First In America

When it comes to producing CEOS, one Texas college stands above the rest.

Whether one thinks leaders are born or made, an undeniable modern-day truth rings out: If you want to helm one of America’s top companies, it sure helps to go to the right college.

And it turns out one of the truly “right” places to go is a Texas university that’s anything but Ivy League in attitude or aura.

Yet, that school is every bit the equal of Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Cornell when it comes to producing CEOs. In fact, it’s tied with those elite Ivies for the No. 1 spot in America on U.S. News & World Report’s new CEO teaching rankings.

Reintroduce yourself to Texas A&M, CEO maker!?

The new stats are as loud and clear as an Aggie Yell Leader’s cheer. No college in America has produced more major CEOs than Texas A&M. U.S. News & World Report examined the educational backgrounds of the CEOs of the Top 100 companies on the Fortune 500 list and A&M finds itself sharing top honors.

It’s the only non-Ivy League school among the universities tied for No. 1. And Texas A&M ranks ahead of vaunted colleges such as Brown, Penn and Tufts.

Sometimes it’s awfully good to be the outlier.

While the fellow No. 1s in CEO producing — Princeton (No. 1), Harvard (No. 2), Yale (No. 3) and Cornell (No. 15) — dominate U.S. News & World’s Report’s highly-touted overall college rankings, Texas A&M comes at No. 68.