It looks like UW-Madison wants this story to just go away as quickly as possible.

Steven Elbow of the Capital Times reported.

UW-Madison University Committee: No discipline for Sara Goldrick-Rab’s tweets

The executive committee for the UW-Madison Faculty Senate Monday tried to put to rest rumors that it was going to seek to have a professor fired over controversial tweets about Gov. Scott Walker and the worth of a UW degree after legislative Republican laws weakened faculty influence.

Sara Goldrick-Rab, a well-known sociology and education professor, posted tweets this month telling incoming UW-Madison students that Republican attacks on the university are reducing the value of a degree. She also posted a tweet comparing Walker to Adolph Hitler.

Last week, the University Committee issued a statement criticizing Goldrick-Rab, fueling speculation that the committee would be seeking formal action against her at its Monday meeting.

“I heard rumors this morning that people were discussing over the weekend that that’s what we were prepared this morning to do,” said committee member Amy Wendt.

But committee members sought instead to put the matter to rest.

“It ends there,” said acting committee chair Dorothy Farrar-Edwards, referring to the statement. “We have no other plans.”

UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank confirmed that university officials weren’t pursuing any actions against the professor.