Several universities have been hacked recently and it seems even Harvard wasn’t spared.

Softpedia writes:

Harvard University Announces Cyber Intrusion

Institution urges affiliates to change their passwords
Unauthorized activity on a couple computer networks at Harvard University was tracked recently, causing the administration of the institution to issue a public alert and urge several affiliates to change account passwords.

The intrusion was discovered on June 19 and affected the networks of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Central Administration. At the moment, the identity of the perpetrator remains unknown, just like the purpose of the illegal action.

Computer logins and email passwords need to be changed

In a notification disclosing the security incident, Provost Alan Garber and executive vice president Katie Lapp say that there is no evidence that personal information, research data or PIN System credentials have been exposed.

However, the attacker(s) may have stolen usernames and passwords for accessing individual computers as well as email accounts from the University.

Anyone from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Divinity School, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study or the Central Administration should change the password used for logging into the computer and the one for the email account.