Installed last year, this painted, theme wall has met its demise as part of sweeping reforms. Apparently, it’s symbolic of “old culture.”

The Chicago Tribune reports:

Amid reform at College of DuPage, controversial $220,000 wall comes down

Until recently, visitors to the College of DuPage president’s office passed through a wood-paneled hallway with displays that showcased the accomplishments of the school’s first five leaders.

At 101 feet long — longer than an NBA basketball court — the so-called chronology wall was President Robert Breuder’s idea, part of a significant overhaul of the president’s wing that cost more than $430,000, including $220,000 for the wall. A quote attributed to Breuder introduces the display.

“If you are unwilling to take a risk and expose yourself to possible failure you will never realize your full potential,” says the Breuder quote, attributed to a comment he made in 2010.

The wall, installed last year, was recently dismantled and, like many other parts of the college, its future is now under review. Breuder has been on paid leave for nearly three months after a new elected board of trustees took over and vowed to change a management culture known for its excesses — like fine dining, high bar tabs, regular outings at a hunting club and the well-appointed office suite viewed by some as nothing more than a vanity project.

“The wall was a symbol of the old culture,” said board Chairwoman Katharine Hamilton, who oversees a new majority on the board of trustees.