In response to a scandal.

The Oklahoma Daily reports.

New OU administrator creates blueprint for student diversity training

Jabar Shumate did not wait until his official start date to begin his duties as OU’s newest administrator.

While he had previously been working off the clock, Shumate officially began Monday as the OU Vice President for University Community. He said his preparation has paid off.

“For the past month, I’ve been just visiting and connecting with various groups and individuals on campus,” Shumate said. “But it actually feels good to have [an office] of my own.”

Shumate and others have laid out a blueprint for mandatory diversity training, which was called for with the rise of black student alliance Unheard and after the Sigma Alpha Epsilon scandal. He said all incoming freshmen will be required to take five hours of the training and will filter the students out with Camp Crimson, gateway classes or a different, stand-alone class.