Duke is having some issues lately.

The College Fix reports.

There is something seriously wrong at Duke University

Does Duke University get a pass on being a leftist cesspool since its men’s basketball team is so great? I was just wondering, because while a lot of messed up things happen at a lot of different universities, Duke continues to hog the spotlight in that regard.

Currently, a student at Duke University who has penned columns for the Duke Chronicle that favor conservative and libertarian principles is the target of a student protest demanding his termination as the campus newspaper’s opinion editor in a petition that calls his views “racist” and “unsafe,” an outcry summarized elsewhere on The College Fix.

Also happening right now, “incoming freshmen at Duke University are expected to read a graphic novel with cartoon drawings of a woman masturbating and multiple females engaging in oral sex—as well as participate in group discussions during orientation,” Campus Reform reports.

These are just the latest in a string of stories exposing some of what’s going on over in Durham.