So this happened…

Mike Carlson reports for KCRG-TV9:

University of Iowa student hands out “pot brownies” on 4-20

IOWA CITY — A University of Iowa student is spending much of Monday handing out “pot brownies” on the Pentacrest in Iowa City.

Michael Corrie, a member of Young Americans for Liberty, said the demonstration is aimed at raising awareness about marijuana reform.

“It’d be great if Iowa could be like Colorado,” Corrie said.

The brownies, which are in a large flower pot, don’t actually contain marijuana and remain in store-bought packaging. A messaged attached to each brownie says: “end prohibition.”

Corrie said he hopes both state and federal lawmakers will take up the issue to legalize marijuana, which Corrie says is less harmful than alcohol. Corrie said other members of his group would be joining to help hand out brownies as the day progresses.

April 20, often called 4-20, is a day marijuana advocates often declare an unofficial holiday to celebrate or advocate for marijuana.