Forget the dorms! Live in a forest hut.

ABC News reports.

Pennsylvania College Senior Lives in Forest Hut Outside Campus

A college senior from Juniata College in Pennsylvania has been garnering lots of attention for choosing to live in a self-made hut for the past seven months in the woods about a mile outside campus.

But even more improbable is that student Dylan Miller, 22, says he has already been living outdoors consistently for the past two years.

“I got sick of living in the dorms, and I thought I could save $4,000 a semester living outside, where I love to be,” Miller told ABC News today. “I’d set up hammocks in the woods, and I took shelter inside caves during the colder months.”

Last summer, his dad suggested he live in the woods for his senior project like American writers Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, whom he had read avidly, Miller said.

Miller started building the circular hut in June in Juniata’s Baker-Henry Nature Reserve using materials like donated wooden planks for the floors, fallen branches for the walls and tarp for the roof, he said.