Congratulations to Stefan Stoykov, who couldn’t even speak English when he came to America at the age of 8.

The Indy Star reports.

North Central senior accepted to every Ivy League college

On his first day of school in the second grade at Nora Elementary, Stefan Stoykov sat in the corner of the classroom, feeling scared as he watched other students walk into the room.

When they came up and spoke to him, he tried to make some sense of what they were saying. But he didn’t understand a word of English, so all he could do was bob his head.

Ten years later, Stoykov is graduating as the valedictorian of North Central High School, with a perfect SAT score that helped him win acceptances to all eight Ivy League schools — plus every one of the 10 other colleges to which he applied.

“I hoped to get into one of them,” he said. “Now I have the chance to study at all of them.”

Stoykov’s family won a green card lottery to move to the United States from Bulgaria when he was 8. The family of four had been living in a small one-bedroom apartment in Bulgaria, where his mother worked at a mine loading iron ore into carts and his father was a military chef.

They knew no English, Stoykov said, but they decided to take a chance on coming to America.

His family moved in with his aunt and uncle in Indianapolis, crowding six people into a two-bedroom apartment until his parents could save up enough to rent their own place.