The University of Michigan almost didn’t show American Sniper when some students protested, but Boston University got almost no news coverage for a film they showed on campus this week.

BU Today reported.

Campus Rape Film The Hunting Ground Screens Tonight

The BU community is invited to a free screening tonight of The Hunting Ground, this year’s hard-hitting documentary about two women who were raped while students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Shocked and disappointed by the administration’s response to their complaints, the women filed a Title IX lawsuit against the school in the first steps of an effort that evolved into a national campaign.

The screening, presented by the Sexual Assault Response & Prevention (SARP) Center as part of BU’s Sexual Assault Awareness Week, will be at the College of Communication at 6 p.m., followed by a panel discussion moderated by Cherita Cloy, a SARP crisis intervention counselor.

The critically acclaimed film is fueled by the anger of the victims, less at their rapists than at the college administrations that failed them. It blames schools for covering up assaults, especially those by athletes and fraternity members, some with histories of sexual assault, all this in the interest of keeping crime statistics down, admissions up, and alumni donations flowing.