The ‘advocates’ who act more like hired goons in this video are part of the United States Student Association or USSA for short. Ironic name, huh?

Take a look.

Gabriella Morrongiello of Campus Reform has the story.

VIDEO: Student advocacy organization blocks students from speaking to Campus Reform

The United States Student Association (USSA)—the country’s largest student-led advocacy organization—aggressively blocked students from speaking to Campus Reform during a recent protest on Capitol Hill.

Three USSA staffers followed Campus Reform reporter Kaitlyn Schallhorn and Campus Correspondent Gabriella Morrongiello around the “Stop the #RaidOnStudentAid” rally last Friday. The staffers repeatedly blocked Schallhorn’s attempts to interview students by standing in front of them or directly telling students not to engage the journalists in conversation.

USSA Legislative Director Justin Habler refused to condemn his colleague’s behavior when confronted about the situation.

“We’re members of the media and we’re trying to get students’ voices out there and we have two men continuously standing in front of students blocking our questions,” Morrongiello told Haber. “You say you haven’t told your staff members to do that, why are they feeling the need to do that?”

“Oh, well that’s their choice. I can’t tell them what to do,” Habler responded.