Anti-gun students have taken up the tactics of the anti-Israel BDS movement. The natural question is, who gets targeted next?

Where does this end?

Pardes Seleh of Truth Revolt reported.

UCSA Votes To Divest From Gun Companies

According to a recent tweet from Campaign to Unload, an anti-gun-owning divestment campaign, the University of California Students Association has unanimously passed a vote to divest from gun companies.

The Daily Californian reported that the resolution was passed unanimously at UC Santa Barbara on Sunday. The resolution asks the UC Board of regents to stop investing in firearms corporations and to eschew any future investments with the gun industry. Oddly, the resolution was written despite the fact that the university already divested from firearms industries two years ago, according to UC spokeperson Shelly Meron. The resolution wants the university to guarantee they will never invest again.

Marcy Straw, the executive director of the UCSA, postulated, “Current information that is publicly available does not make it clear whether the university is still invested in gun manufacturers.”