This is tragic.

Stephanie Ritenbaugh reports for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Students involved in shooting near Edinboro University campus

A shooting that happened Friday night near Edinboro University’s campus involved university students, officials confirmed Saturday.

Two individuals were shot in the 100 block of Meadville Street and were transported to the hospital. Their condition was not immediately available. The victims and the shooter were confirmed to be university students. The university did not release further information on those involved.

“It is important to note that this tragic incident is believed to be a matter between these individuals and not a random event,” said Julie Wollman, president, in a statement released Saturday afternoon. “The individual charged with the crime is in police custody, and we have acted immediately to suspend this student.”

It is the second shooting incident near the campus this academic year.

In November, Tobiah Johnson, 22, was shot fatally during what appeared to be a dispute over a stolen handgun, according to Edinboro police.