What a mature way to express your point of view.

Blake Neff of the Daily Caller reported.

Missouri Students Erase Anti-Abortion Message, Brag On Twitter

Pro-abortion students at the University of Missouri vandalized anti-abortion messages at the school on Thursday, and then immediately took to Twitter to brag about their feat.

Mizzou Students for Life(SFL) wrote over two dozen chalk messages promoting an anti-abortion message on Wednesday night, scrawling statements such as “Abortion hurts women” and “Abortion stops a beating heart.” The messages were intended to coincide with National Pro-Life Chalk Day, an event that encourages anti-abortion activists to leave chalk messages for people to see on Thursday.

Many of their messages didn’t make it to Thursday morning, however, thanks to the efforts of some hostile students, who used water and a broom to erase the messages just hours after they were put down.

@Kayley_Hotstuff They didn’t last long after @LilKraus and I found them. pic.twitter.com/UUzuLd1ukh — Ju (@MissJuBooty) March 5, 2015

The students even erased messages that offered help and emotional support, such as one giving the number to a local pregnancy center.