A need to find meaning in one’s life and left wing indoctrination combined to create the atmosphere at UC Irvine.

Dennis Prager explains at Real Clear Politics.

Why UC Students Voted to Remove American Flag

Here are three reasons:

1. Outside of the natural sciences, math, and a few other departments, our universities are essentially seminaries — teaching what has been the most dynamic religion of the Western world over the past hundred years, leftism. Every — frequently incoherent — idea expressed by the resolution and the petition represents years of left-wing indoctrination. Respect for the American flag comes naturally; reasons to hold it in contempt have to be learned.

It is not surprising that the author of the resolution is a student at UC Irvine’s School of Social Ecology. Visit its website and you will see leftism in one of its purest forms.

2. The students and the professors see themselves as citizens of the world. Leftism rejects nationalism, and the most nationalistic of the industrialized Western democracies is America. The left regards nationalism — as symbolized by hanging or waving the American flag — as primitive and ultimately fascistic.

3. Many professors and students are bored. Compared to the past anywhere and compared to the present almost anywhere, life in America is remarkably easy for the vast majority of college students and college professors.

This ease, however, presents them with another problem — a lack of meaning in life. For nearly all people there has never been a problem with finding meaning. Even putting aside religion — humanity’s greatest supplier of meaning — life’s difficulties have always given people meaning: How will I feed myself and my family? How will I provide myself and my family with a home?

But these problems exist for almost no American college student and they do not exist for any American professor. And since so few professors, and increasingly few students, derive meaning from America’s traditional Judeo-Christian religions, meaning must be sought and found elsewhere.