This issue was put to bed at the school last year but the BDS activists won’t take no for an answer.

Matt Lamb of the College Fix reports.

Divestment resolution against Israel back on the table at Jesuit university

More support as a queer, feminist and black issue

Despite a veto from the student government president last year, as well as a firm rebuke from the administration, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement at Loyola University-Chicago continues to chug along.

A new divestment resolution against Israel was introduced at the student government meeting on Tuesday.

Similar to the DePaul University and Northwestern University divestment campaigns chronicled by The College Fix, the Loyola movement is relying on a who’s who of progressive activists to advance its agenda.

Resolution sponsors include campus activists previously spotlighted by The Fix:

A video posted last week by Loyola Divest echoes some of the same themes seen in the DePaul and Northwestern campaigns – that divestment is a queer, black, feminist or even Jewish issue.

The video only mentions Israel by name twice, a possible judgment that focusing on Israel itself rather than companies with Israeli ties is too divisive.

An Ethiopian student says the Loyola administration supports “a government” that sterilizes half of Ethiopian women “upon entrance into Israel,” while another student says the school should divest from “Israeli apartheid.”

A more common response is “I believe gender equality is tied with the liberation of Palestine,” as one student says in the video.