Experimenting with drugs is a dangerous proposition. These students are lucky to be alive.

Abby Ohlheiser reports at the Washington Post

A dozen hospitalized after apparently overdosing on Molly at Wesleyan University

Ten Wesleyan University students and two campus visitors were hospitalized in Connecticut over the weekend with “overdose symptoms consistent with the use of the drug Molly (MDMA),” school spokeswoman Lauren Rubenstein told the Hartford Courant. Of the 12 hospitalized individuals, two were in critical condition.

Police are looking into the source of the drug, which Middletown Police Chief William McKenna described to the Associated Press as a “bad batch,” adding: “Our first and foremost goal is to obtain information on the batch of Molly that was distributed to the students on the campus.”

According to the Courant:

Wesleyan officials did not say whether the students had been together or where the drugs had come from.

In a letter distributed to students on Monday, Wesleyan President Michael S. Roth wrote: “I ask all students: Please, please stay away from illegal substances the use of which can put you in extreme danger. One mistake can change your life forever.”

Although MDMA faded from the public conversation about drug use during the mid-2000′s, it’s come back as a major concern among drug-abuse prevention advocates.

And it’s become especially concerning to college administrators.