You can read the bio of Jason Morgan, the author of this piece from the College Fix below. He makes a compelling case.

As budget battle rages, UW-Madison scholar calls out his liberal bosses

ANALYSIS: Jason Morgan, a PhD candidate in the History Department at the University of Wisconsin and a Fulbright Fellow at Waseda University in Tokyo, explains why his superiors do not have the high ground in the budget battle between Gov. Scott Walker and Madison scholars.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker recently announced his 2015-2017 budget proposal, which included approximately $300 million in budget cuts for the University of Wisconsin system over the next two years. These cuts were part of a package that included greatly increased autonomy for the system, allowing it more flexibility in setting tuition rates and conducting its internal affairs without oversight from the state.

The reaction to the budget news was heralded by fiscal conservatives as an innovative approach to shared governance, eliminating bureaucratic red tape and providing a public institution with the ability to shape its own destiny apart from the annual rounds of legislative politics.

In Madison, though, the budget proposal was greeted with the same hostility that the University of Wisconsin has maintained toward Gov. Walker since the 2011 passage of Act 10, which similarly freed teachers and school districts to make their own decisions without the added pressure of bargaining with corrupt and politically connected unions. Act 10 has largely been hailed as a success, saving money while increasing the quality of education. But in Madison, the opposition is based not on reality, but on ideology. And there is every indication that, instead of responding to Gov. Walker’s most recent proposal proactively, the leftists that run the university are digging in.

Nearly everywhere one turns, the divorce of university politics from surrounding reality is on full display.

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