The president has asked for more than $70 billion in discretionary spending for the Department of Education.

Melissa Korn and Caroline Porter of the Wall Street Journal report:

Obama’s Proposed Budget Seeks More for Education

President Barack Obama ’s fiscal 2016 budget proposal calls for $70.7 billion in discretionary funding for the Department of Education, a $3.6 billion increase from the current level, with backing for signature proposals such as making community college free, simplifying the financial aid process and expanding preschool.

The boost for education came as part of the president’s proposal of nearly $4 trillion in spending for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, which was unveiled Monday.

The Obama administration laid out some additional details behind a proposed $1.4 billion grant program that would give provide two years of free community college for students who attend at least part-time, maintain a 2.5 GPA and have adjusted gross incomes below $200,000. Under the plan, first announced in January, the federal government would provide funding to states that waive community-college tuition and fees for eligible students, increase their own investment and improve the schools.

Mr. Obama also called for $750 million for preschool development grants—a bump of $500 million—while highlighting an extra $1.5 billion in funding for Head Start, the federal program to improve support for young children.