A tenured professor might be out of a job if Marquette University has their way.

Robby Soave writes at Reason:

Marquette University Trying to Fire Prof for Criticizing Pro-Gay Instructor

Marquette University is moving forward with its plan to fire a tenured professor over his criticisms of an instructor who wouldn’t let any of her students speak out against gay marriage in class. The controversy is interesting for a couple reasons—a Catholic university is essentially punishing a professor whose views on gay marriage are perfectly aligned with church doctrine, for one thing—but most notably, raises important questions about the institution’s commitment to academic freedom.

The professor, John McAdams, is known for espousing politically conservative views. He wrote on his blog about a situation involving an instructor named Cheryl Abbate who had told one of her students not to express opposition to gay marriage in class because that opinion was offensive. Abbate considered McAdams’ blog post a mischaracterization of her position, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Soon enough, the university took action—against McAdams. Dean Richard Holz suspended him pending a review of his conduct and ordered him not to set foot on campus.