The Houston Chronicle has an article estimating how much it would cost two university systems if campus carry is enacted in the state of Texas.

The moaning and bellyaching about training campus personnel and other necessary implementations is pretty comical seeing as university administrators typically don’t mind breaking the bank for things like diversity initiatives or any other progressive project du jour.

Any time progressives complain that an initiative or piece of legislation costs too much, it’s simply because it’s a policy they don’t like.

Lauren McGaughy writes at the Houston Chronicle:

Campus carry would cost Texas colleges millions

AUSTIN – Allowing concealed handgun license holders to tote pistols on college campuses could cost tens of millions of dollars, a burden that could be ultimately passed on to students or siphoned away from education and research programs at Texas universities.

According to fiscal analyses drawn up by Texas’ higher education systems and obtained by the Houston Chronicle, so-called campus carry would cost the University of Texas and University of Houston systems nearly $47 million combined over six years to update security systems, build gun storage facilities and bolster campus police units.

The majority of the UT System’s more than $39 million in costs would be borne by the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s University Police Department, which would have to spend $22 million on the installation of gun safes and lockers, additional administrative personnel and to fund “de-escalation” and “judgment” training for staff and on-campus security, according to the documents. The UT Health Science Center in Houston’s police department would need to spend a further $7.6 million over six years.

“We should invest in arming our students with a 21st Century education, not arming them with handguns,” said state Sen. Rodney Ellis, a Houston Democrat whose district includes University of Houston, M.D. Anderson and Texas Southern University. “As the cost of higher education continues to grow, it doesn’t make sense to push more unfunded mandates onto the backs of students and their families.”