Budget cuts occur and the response by protesters? “Shut it Down!”

The College Fix reports.

Univ. of Wisconsin protesters pledge to shut campus down over budget cuts

MADISON, Wis. – Several hundred students, professors and community activists converged at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Saturday to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget cuts, a demonstration during which participants cheered for the end of democracy and suggested the budget plan would decimate the campus’ quality and reputation.

Lane Hall, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, took the microphone and told the restless, angry crowd that democracy cannot work as it currently stands. Lane went on to say there are other systems that America should use, even if history has an extremely negative view of them, prompting rowdy cheers from most in the crowd.

Walker recently announced his 2015-2017 budget proposal, which included approximately $300 million in budget cuts for the University of Wisconsin system over the next two years. These cuts were part of a package that included greatly increased autonomy for the system. But speakers said that they are not willing to trade budget cuts for autonomy.

Lane demanded that instead of pay cuts, the faculty members, staff and teaching assistants should be given raises, and paid a “living wage.” At the conclusion of his speech he said that if these demands were not met that they would move onto other forms of protest, that they would “shut it down.”

The crowd erupted again, chanting “shut it down, shut it down.”

Despite subzero temperatures and a windchill of -17 degrees, protesters remained mostly energetic. Those who showed up did not appear deterred by the freezing temperatures, holding signs stating “Hey Walker, the only tool I see is you” and “the most violent element of society is an uneducated legislature.”