The Rolling Stone story has completely fallen apart. Why is UVA using it to further punish fraternities?

Blake Neff of the Daily Caller reported.

UVA Enacts Strict New Policies To Control Frats

The University of Virginia has announced strict new policies governing how fraternities on campus will operate going forward, showing a continued commitment to firmly respond to a rape account at the school that has now been thoroughly debunked.

The new policies were announced on Tuesday to accompany the end of a frat suspension that began last November. That suspension, which put a halt to all public fraternity activities, was announced in response to a story in Rolling Stone magazine recounting a horrific gang rape supposedly committed at the school in 2012. Since then, numerous factual inconsistencies have emerged indicating the gang rape likely did not happen, but the suspension stayed in place anyway and university officials reaffirmed their commitment to taking actions to improve safety.

A host of new regulations with stated goals such as “eliminating discomfort” and “addressing…unhealthy power structures” will seek to control how UVA fraternities hold parties and, in particular, how partygoers consume alcohol. All fraternity parties on campus will now require the presence of at least three “sober and lucid” house members, who will monitor the distribution of alcohol as well as any stairways leading to bedrooms.