UC Berkeley — where even the doctors are protesting something.

Doctors from all University of California campuses organized a strike, alleging unfair labor practices.

Sahil Chanoy of The Daily Californian reports:

Student-care doctors strike across UC campuses, allege unfair labor practices

Student-care doctors from all 10 UC campuses went on strike Tuesday to protest unfair labor practices allegedly committed by the university during the bargaining process for their first contract.

The one-day strike included picketing at six campuses and rallies at four. The doctors believe the university engaged in unfair negotiation, including the university’s alleged refusal to provide financial information the doctors say is essential to bargaining. At UC Berkeley, they chanted and held signs that said “Prioritize student health” and “Too many executives, not enough doctors.”

The approximately 150 full-time doctors, part-time doctors and specialists represented by the Union of American Physicians and Dentists work at university health centers and provide health care for students. They joined the union in late 2013, and have been bargaining with the university for their first contract for about a year. This group does not include doctors at the university’s five large medical centers, which serve the public.

About 25 full-time and part-time doctors who work at UC Berkeley are represented by the union, most of whom picketed Tuesday, according to union spokesperson Sue Wilson.