A promising student at Stanford has been accused of rape and is now banned from campus. ABC 7 News San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose reports.

Stanford Student Accused of Rape Withdraws from University

STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Calif. (KGO) — A Stanford University swimmer withdrew from the university Tuesday in disgrace amid sexual assault charges.

The San Mateo County district attorney filed five felony counts against 19-year old Brock Turner for raping a woman who was intoxicated and unconscious.

By all accounts, Turner had a bright future. He was a freshman at Stanford and a member of the swimming team, but now, the Ohio native is banned from stepping foot on the Stanford campus.

The district attorney says it was in the early morning hours of January 18 outside near Lomita Court where Turner raped a drunk, unconscious woman.

The five felony counts filed against Turner include rape and sexual penetration with a foreign object.

Investigators say two students on their bikes saw what was happening and intervened. When Turner tried to run away, one of them chased him down and tackled him.

Michele Dauber is a Stanford law professor who revised the university’s disciplinary policy on sexual assaults.

She says last year’s protests at Stanford and other campuses nationwide appear to be paying off. She says unlike witnesses in other rapes, the students in this case took action.

“I feel very proud of those students who intervened,” Daubner said. “Taking responsibility, having sexual consent, women cannot consent when they’re intoxicated, that’s getting in.”

As for Turner, the fact that he voluntary withdrew his registration as a student at Stanford is welcome news.

“I think it’s inappropriate for someone who commits such a crime, if that was the case, to remain on campus,” Stanford student Sara Silberstein said.

If convicted on all charges, Turner faces up to 10 years in prison.