College Insurrection is reporting on another story coming from the Ivy League walls of Princeton University. This time it isn’t about Cool Whip.

This story is about a freshman that urges Princeton to set up measures to have his fellow students check their privilege. Here is the full story by Jennifer Kabbany.

Princeton Student Wants University To Force Students To ‘Check Their Privilege’

A freshman at Princeton University wants to know why his school isn’t forcing students to check their privilege.

“Because many of us will become powerful and influential, our Princeton experience should teach us to recognize our own privilege and understand our responsibility to society,” writes freshman Jonathan Lu in a Jan. 6 opinion piece in the Daily Princetonian.

Lu goes on, “in the vein of forcing us to check our privilege,” to detail some ideas he has on how his Ivy League university can teach such lessons:

1) require students to complete community service

2) require students to take a diversity course

3) implement a “privilege-examining program into freshman orientation”

4) Force project-based homework on students to teach them how good they have it

For example, “politics classes could assign research papers to investigate how local underserved populations are helped or hurt by certain laws. Economics classes could partner with local businesses and retailers to show how those without privilege earn their living,” Lu explains.

He closes out his column with: “Through activism and dialogue, we should fight the blind self-interest prevalent on this campus. It’s a given that many of us will gain great power. However, we must take the responsibility that comes with it.”