I will never ever understand why people riot after sporting events.

Josh Jarman & Jim Woods of the Columbus Dispatch reported.

Tear gas disperses revelers around campus after Ohio State win

Authorities used tear gas early today to disperse thousands of Buckeye fans on N. High Street along campus celebrating Ohio State’s win over Oregon.

Three canisters were used in front of the Ohio Union around 1:15 a.m. Within ten minutes, N. High Street was emptied of most revelers.

An hour and a half earlier, thousands of people in the campus area poured out of bars, campus buildings and the Ohio Union immediately after the Buckeye victory.

They cheered and yelled and jumped and danced. They yelled, “O-H!” and others yelled back, “ I-O!” And they blocked N. High Street.

Ohio State and Columbus police cruisers converged on the area, attempting to push the revelers back onto the sidewalks, but it appeared to be a futile attempt. As police pushed back one section of people, another group would swarm onto N. High, intent on making the main road a place to party.

Shortly after midnight, police began using pepper spray on many of the party-goers. Some left the area with stinging eyes and runny noses. Others stayed and just seemed to move to other areas along N. High Street.

Police parked cruisers on N. High and the Fire Division added a fire truck, in an attempt to keep students off the road.