Is Governor Kasich a fan of President Obama’s “free” community college plan?

Robert Higgs of writes:

Kasich administration interested in details of Obama plan to expand community college access

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Gov. John Kasich’s administration, while reserving judgment until more details are known, said President Barack Obama’s plan to boost access to higher education through community colleges is consistent with some of its own priorities.

Kasich has talked about a prominent role for community colleges, particularly in training and educating workers for the needs of businesses in the economy.

“Strengthening Ohio’s higher education system has been and will remain a key priority for the administration and our college presidents have been strong partners in helping drive needed change,” said Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols. “College affordability is the number one issue facing higher education, and the governor is sympathetic to the concerns of students and their families.”

Obama on Thursday on Facebook and again on Friday at an appearance in Tennessee pitched the idea that students be allowed to attend two years of community college for free, saving them an average of $3,800 a year. The White House says 9 million students a year could benefit if every state participates.