Howie Carr has a few thoughts on Obama’s proposal to tax 529 college savings plans.

Carr: No child’s college fund left behind

If you work for a living, Barack Obama is looking to rob you — again.

This time he and his Democrat kleptocrats are after your 529s. Those are the states’ college-savings plans, where you can invest money you’ve earned (and paid taxes on) into mutual funds for your children’s college educations.

Then, when you need the money to pay those bloated tuitions, you can withdraw the 529 funds, tax-free.

You begin to see the problem, at least from the point of view of Barack Obama. No. 1, you actually worked for the money — that makes you a bitter clinger right there. As Granny Warren says, you didn’t build that business.

No. 2, why shouldn’t you have to pay taxes on your earnings — twice?

Obama’s latest soak-the-middle-class scheme surfaced last week. It’s part of what he calls “helping working families.”

As long as there’s a Republican Congress, Barack and his card-carrying fellow travelers have no shot at pulling off this mega-heist. But it’s the thought that counts, and this is their latest thought on how to screw people who get up and go to work every morning, at least when the hippies haven’t blocked I-93.

In 15 years, 12 million of these 529s have been set up. I have three of them, for each of my college-age daughters. Fidelity runs them in Massachusetts. They’re a good deal, at least until Obama wrecks them.

Personally, I stopped throwing money into my kids’ 529s about oh, six years ago. I had a hunch, and I didn’t want to bet a bunch. Same reason everyone scoffed at the Roth IRAs — the Democrats said they were going to let you pay taxes now so you wouldn’t have to pay taxes later. Riiiiight!