Here we go again.

Chris Deaton of Red Alert Politics reports.

Elizabeth Warren’s ‘top priority’ in 2015: student loans

Sen. Elizabeth Warren will again make student loans her top agenda item as the 114th Congress gets underway.
In a meeting with Massachusetts newspaper editors, the Democrat reiterated the burden that student debt places on the economy and pledged to keep advancing the issue legislatively. Warren tried and failed to push a bill through Congress last year that would have refinanced student loan interest rates for certain debtors, and offset the lost revenue to the government with a tax hike.

“We’re going to get out there and fight for it again,” she said. “Change is hard to get in a single day. It’s a journey.”
Reports did not mention if Warren would reintroduce the same legislation. As of the second day of the new Congress, she has her name attached to two bills, neither of which are related.

Warren said she has taken her message to businesspersons, arguing that the student loan burden has weighed down economic activity across multiple sectors.

“I talked to [Staples] about the data that showed young people are not starting businesses at the rate we anticipate and a big reason was the student loan debt. They were interested and I want them to be interested. They can help us make change,” she said. “This affects us all. This affects housing values. The home builders get this. The realtors get this. And the more people who get it, the better off we’ll be.”