That’s funny. I thought the whole “ladies first” thing was deemed sexist long ago. This sure sounds like equality to me.

Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller reports.

Canadian Prof’s Proposal: ‘Women Get To Speak First’ In Classrooms [VIDEO]

A professor of management at a Canadian university says that she only allows women to speak first in her classrooms and thinks that the policy should be adopted in other forums as a way to combat misogyny.

“Women get to speak first,” Saint Mary’s University management professor Judy Haiven proposed Thursday at a misogny forum held at Dalhousie University.

“In classroom discussions, in question periods, and at public events, men should not be allowed to monopolize these forums,” continued Haiven, who was part of seven-member, all-female panel organized by the Dalhousie Gender and Women’s Studies Program and the school’s student union.

The forum was held on the same day that the Halifax police department decided against pursuing charges against male dentistry students who were being investigated for making off-color jokes about female students on Facebook.

“I’m doing this right now in my classrooms,” Haiven said of the female-first policy.

“In the management department, women get to speak first. I think that that is a primary issue that we actually have to look at, how to do question and answers, and we can start today.”