Daniel Mael is a student journalist who exposed the hateful words of a fellow student, yet he’s the one being punished.


Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Brandeis Slaps Student Journalist with New Punishment

A Brandeis University student journalist unsuccessfully prosecuted for “harassment” by university officials has now been slapped with a “no contact order” restricting his movement on campus, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The latest punishment against Brandeis senior Daniel Mael follows an article he wrote drawing attention to tweets by another student leader who endorsed on Twitter the recent murder of two New York City police officers and declared that “amerikkka needs an intifada.”

The “no contact order” forbids Mael from being in the same physical location on campus as student Michael Piccione, who launched a campaign to convince the Brandeis administration to punish Mael for writing the article.

The latest action against Mael appears to contradict an assertion in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal by school president Fred Lawrence that Brandeis maintains an “unyielding commitment to free speech.”

The effort to regulate Mael’s movement on campus comes on the heels of an earlier incident detailed in a recent Wall Street Journal report. Mael had been targeted by the university for alleged “harassment” and subjected to a secret, yearlong campus judicial proceeding that could have resulted in his expulsion.

These charges were eventually dropped after Mael retained legal counsel and fought back.