Because the world can run on rainbows and good intentions, right?

Jennifer Kabbany of the College Fix reports.

Nearly 300 Stanford professors call for divestment from fossil fuels

The Guardian reports that nearly 300 professors at Stanford University have signed a letter urging the president and board of trustees to divest from fossil fuels.

“The urgency and magnitude of climate change call not for partial solutions, however admirable; they demand the more profound and thorough commitment embodied in divestment from all fossil-fuel companies,” the Jan. 11 memo states.

“When it comes to the future of our students we live to see, there is a scientifically documented, morally clear, technologically innovative right thing to do: divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in a sustainable future,” the letter, signed by 295 professors, concluded.

A Stanford spokeswoman told the Guardian the university has already divested from coal companies, and an advisory panel is studying the feasibility of further fossil fuel divestment.